Blue & Mako Shark Expedition

From USD $399.00
  • Duration: 8 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Product code: shark-diving
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Experience the thrill of a cage-less encounter with Pelagic Sharks. We provide a professional environment with these sleek open ocean sharks. In San Diego, blue shark diving is one of the 5 places on the planet that offers this experience. If you’re ready to truly do something different come out with the SDE team and join us for Blue and Mako Shark Expedition off San Diego.

Coming on this trip if it's your first interaction with a sharks or you are a professional diver, you will leave with the appreciation of these beautiful animals and we hope you can spread shark advocacy while changing the general public opinion of sharks –  we can do our part in facilitating their comeback by drawing awareness to these awesome animals. Ask us about citizen scientist programs when your on the boat with us.

SD Expeditions uses all means necessary to provide you with a successful encounter. We are constantly monitoring weather conditions and keeping in touch with boat captains and experts to remain informed about current shark diving conditions.

On the way off shore we will take opportunities presented to us, the ocean is full of a diversity of marine life – and we won’t limit any experience.  If you’re interested, we’ll gladly stop for Common and Bottlenose dolphins, sea lions and Harbor seals, or the Mola Mola (ocean sunfish).   We want you to experience the ocean in all it’s glory, and we’ll hold nothing back.

So join SD Expeditions for a unique and different encounter, and experience the thrill of blue water shark diving.